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Europlanet 2020 RI

The Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastructure (Europlanet RI) is a major (€10 million) programme funded under Horizon 2020 to foster transnational collaborations that will enable Europe to be at the forefront of planetary science.

Europlanet 2020 RI is designed to support planetary science but applications in other research disciplines will be considered based on innovation and potential scientific and technological impact. A central part of the programme is to allow any European researcher interested in pursuing planetary science research access to a comprehensive set of state of the art laboratory facilities and field sites tailored to the needs of planetary research community through three Transnational Access (TA) programmes.

Europlanet 2020 RI received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innnivoation program under Grant Agreement n°654208

Europlanet-2020 : http://www.europlanet-2020-ri.eu/