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Cycles, Atmosphere, Climates

Animators : Pierre-Henri Blard & Albert Galy

Permanent investigators : Pierre-Henri Blard, Guillaume Caro, Julien Charreau, Christophe Cloquet, Christian France-Lanord, Albert Galy, Jérôme Lavé, Bernard Marty, Laurie Reisberg

Postdoctoral fellow : Jennifer Mabry (2010-2012), Nicolas Estrade (2012-13)

PhD students : Léo Martin (2012-15) Imene Bedja (2014-2017)

The composition of the ocean-atmosphere system has varied significantly over time, based on exchanges with the biosphere, the cryosphere, and the inner Earth. However, both the impact and the response time feedback put into play by certain processes are still poorly determined. This lack is partially due to the fact that the levels of certain elements in the oceanic and atmospheric reservoirs are still not known for long time scales. For example, there is significant progress to be made to reliably determine the evolution of the atmospheric PCO2 during the Cenozoic period. In addition, the fluxes of input and output between the solid Earth and the fluid envelopes are still poorly quantified for certain elements, in both the current and the geological time scale (up to more than 100 My).

The projects intend (i) to quantify the impact of human activities on the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere ; (ii) to better characterise the geochemical cycles that control and have controlled the evolution of the ocean and atmosphere ; and (iii) to develop new integrated approaches to document of continental palaeoclimates, mainly by reconstructing Quaternary fluctuations of mountain glaciers. The periods covered range between the Anthropocene period and the geological time scale, touching on certain key episodes from the Quaternary period.

From the study of palaeo-atmospheric samples to marine biomineralisation, our scientific approach will be built on the diversity and quality of the state-of-the-art technology centre that the CRPG possesses (ion probe 1280 HR2, TIMS Triton Plus, MC-ICP-MS Neptune Plus, Helix Noble Gas Spectrometers SFT). This geochemical approach is completed by disciplines such as modelling, microbiology, and geomorphology, in collaboration with national and international laboratories.

Impact of human activities on the atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere
Mountain glaciers, tracers of continental palaeoclimates
Natural geochemical cycles : fluxes and compositions of the ocean and atmosphere

Recent publications


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