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Seminaires externes 2021 - 2022

Les séminaires externes ont lieu dans l’amphithéâtre du CRPG, en général le jeudi de 13h30 à 14h30 tous les 15 jours. Contact : Johan Villeneuve (johan.villeneuve@univ-lorraine.fr)

Jeudi 30 Septembre 2021 à 13h30 : Guillaume Morard, IsTerre

High pressure study of liquid geomaterials and implications for the Earth’s core composition

Constraining the Earth’s core composition is a real scientific challenge, as the direct sampling is impossible. One part of the answer is coming from comparisons between seismic observables and high pressure-high temperature physical properties. The second part is related with the study of the composition inherited from metal-silicate separation during Early Earth.

I will present here the challenges of obtaining physical properties and phase diagrams of iron alloys under extreme pressure and temperature, notably in the liquid state, in order to discuss the composition of the Earth’s core.

publié mercredi 31 août 2016