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The role of lithospheric inheritance in early foreland evolution : the Pyreneo-Provencal foreland system

Thèse de doctorat - date du début 1 octobre 2017 (POSTE POURVU)

The role of lithospheric inheritance in early foreland evolution : the Pyreneo-Provencal foreland system

The Tectonics-Erosion-Relief (TER) group at the CRPG, Nancy opens a PhD position (for 3 years) in September 2017. The aim of the project is to investigate the role of lithospheric inheritance in foreland behaviour during early continental collision in a non-cylindrical orogen, using as an example the coupled orogen-foreland system of the eastern Pyrenean to Provencal domains. The objective is to develop new conceptual models for foreland deformation, subsidence and sediment flux during early plate convergence, a phase that is poorly understood and rarely considered in conceptual or numerical modelling of orogenesis. These early foreland depocentres are economically important as they are often sediment starved, leading to the deposition of excellent source rocks. The student will examine along-strike variations in (a) rift history and geometry (b) foreland deformation at the onset of convergence (Late Cretaceous), (c) evolution of early foreland depocentres and (d) source areas and sediment flux. Methodology will include sedimentological and structural field mapping of key areas, reconstruction of basin and inversion geometries and basin geohistory analysis along the orogen, lithosphere scale basin modelling, and low temperature thermochonology to identify early source areas. The student will be part of and collaborate with members of the Orogen team in order to achieve these goals.

Advisory team : Mary Ford (CRPG), Gianluca Frasca (CRPG), Raphaël Pik (CRPG), Emmanuel Masini (Total), Nicolas Espurt (CEREGE), Jean-Loup Rubino (Total). In collaboration with Sophie Leleu (Univ Bordeaux), J. Vergés (CSIC), Frédéric Christophoul (GET, Toulouse).

Host Institution : CRPG, Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France (www.crpg.cnrs-nancy.fr)

Eligibility : the candidate must have received his/her Masters degree (or BSc if from GB/Ireland) at the closing date of the call. Knowledge of the French language is not required but the candidate should understand that he(she) is expected to acquire basic working knowledge of French during their appointment. Experience and expertise in at least two of the following are required : basin analysis, basin modelling, sedimentology, orogen tectonics, low temperature thermochronology, fieldwork in deformed sedimentary terrains.

Application : Applicants are invited to send a motivation letter and CV with the names and contact information of two referees to Professor Mary Ford, (mford@crpg.cnrs-nancy.fr). Closing date for applications : applications are accepted until a suitable candidate is found.

Starting date : 1st October 2017, or as soon as possible thereafter.

publié mercredi 21 juin 2017