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CRPG facilities available through Europlanet 2020 RI

The Europlanet 2020 RI initiative can provide access to four major analytical facilities at CRPG

Contact : Prof. Albert Galy

Ion probe facility This facility comprises a CAMECA IMS 1280 HR2 and a CAMECA IMS 1270 Ion microprobe, upgraded in 2014 to match the capabilities of the recently installed IMS 1280. Routine analyses include U-Pb dating on zircon, monazite or pitchblende, C, O, Si isotope ratios and light and trace elements contents of different matrixes. A notable speciality is the measurement, at high precision, of the isotopic ratios of light elements (H, Li, N, Mg, S) including mass independent fractionation of sulfur isotopes.

Helium and Nitrogen Isotope facility Helium isotope measurements can be performed to determine the origin of gases and to date surface exposure with cosmogenic 3He using the latest He isotope mass spectrometer, the GV Helix SFT, the first instrument of its kind installed in Europe. Analysis of nitrogen at the nanomole level in rocks can also be done on static gas-source mass-spectometer VG5400.

Stable Isotope facility ThermoFinnigan Neptune Plus MC-ICPMS & MAT253 and GV Isoprime provide the capability for C, O, S, H isotope analyses of rocks, minerals, organic matter and fluids (water, natural gases) by continuous flow mass spectrometry coupled with elemental analyser or off line extraction and "novel" stable isotopes by sector field ICP-MS (Neptune+). This includes O isotopes on silicates by fluorination and H, C & O on fluids from single inclusions. The determination of high precision Mg, Ca, Fe and Ge isotopes is offered.

Radiogenic Isotope facility Analysis by TIMS (FinniganMat 262 and ThermoFinnigan Triton). This includes the Re-Os isotopic system and the extinct system 146Sm-142Nd as well as the Sr Nd and Pb isotopic systems that are the “traditional” isotopic systems in meteorite, lunar and terrestrial rock studies.

publié vendredi 30 octobre 2015