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CRPG facilities available through Europlanet 2024 RI

The Europlanet 2024 Research Initiative can provide access to four analytical platforms at CRPG

Contact : Johan Villeneuve (IPF), Laurie Reisberg (SGRIF), Jessica Flahaut

Ion Probe Facility (IPF) This facility comprises a CAMECA IMS 1280 HR2 and a CAMECA IMS 1270 Ion microprobe, upgraded in 2014 to match the capabilities of the IMS 1280. Both instruments are equipped with a Hyperion RF O- source and a Cs+ source, and with high sensitivity 1012 Faraday cups.

Routine analyses include U-Pb dating on zircon, monazite and apatite, stable isotope ratios and volatile and trace element contents of different matrices. A notable speciality is high precision measurement of the isotope ratios of elements such as H, Li, N, Mg, Si, and Fe including mass independent fractionation of sulphur and oxygen isotopes.

Stable, Rare Gas and Radiogenic Isotope Facility (SGRIF) This facility comprises three analytical platforms at CRPG.

The rare gas platform offers a state of the art facility (Helix SFT) for the analysis of helium and neon isotope concentrations in terrestrial and ET samples. Potential applications include surface exposure dating with 3He and 21Ne, tracing the flux of micrometeorite samples in sediments, characterisation of geological reservoirs and mixing.

The stable isotope platform includes ThermoFinnigan MAT253, ThermoScientific DeltaV and GV Isoprime instruments for C, H, O, N, and S isotope analyses of rocks, minerals, organic matter and fluids by continuous flow mass spectrometry coupled with elemental analyzers or off line extraction. Possible analyses include O isotopes in silicate phases by fluorination and H, C and O isotopes in individual fluid inclusions.

The TIMS & MC-ICPMS platform hosts a Thermo Neptune Plus MC-ICPMS for high precision analysis of “non-traditional” stable isotopes (Mg, Fe, Ge, Hg, Nd, Cd, S…) and certain radiogenic isotope systems (147Sm-143Nd, Lu-Hf). A Thermo Triton Plus TIMS instrument is used for radiogenic and stable Ca isotope analyses, high precision analyses of 142Nd and the 190Pt-186Os system. A MAT262 TIMS dedicated to 187Re-187Os analyses is also available.

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publié samedi 3 octobre 2020