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Gladney, E.S. and Roelandts, I.
Distribution of NBS, USGS and CCRMP reference material data in the literature (1951-1985).
Geostandards Newsletter (1987), 11: 133-142. ABSTRACTS

Godbeer, W.C.
Results for fluorine in coals and other reference materials.
Geostandards Newsletter (1987), 11: 143-145. ABSTRACTS

Beaudoin, G. and Bergeron, M.
Determination de huit terres rares dans l'échantillon géochimique de référence NBS 88A par activation neutronique instrumentale.
Geostandards Newsletter (1987), 11: 147-150. ABSTRACTS

St. Louis, R.M.
Gold in BHVO-1, BIR-1, DNC-1 and BCR-1 by fire-assay preconcentration neutron activation analysis: sample size vs. accuracy.
Geostandards Newsletter (1987), 11: 151-157. ABSTRACTS

Ando, A., Mita, N. and Terashima, S.
1986 Values for fifteen GSJ rock reference samples, "Igneous Rock Series".
Geostandards Newsletter (1987), 11: 159-166. ABSTRACTS

Gladney, E.S. and Roelandts, I.
Compilation of boron concentration data for NBS, USGS and CCRMP reference materials.
Geostandards Newsletter (1987), 11: 167-185. ABSTRACTS

Victor, A.H.
Accurate determination of nickel in South African primary and secondary geochemical reference materials by cation exchange chromatography and atomic absorption spectrometry.
Geostandards Newsletter (1987), 11: 187-192. ABSTRACTS

King, B.S.W.
Determination of trace elements in eight Chinese stream-sediment reference samples by energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometry.
Geostandards Newsletter (1987), 11: 193-195. ABSTRACTS

Jarosewich, E., Gooley, R. and Husler J.
Chromium augite - A new microprobe reference sample.
Geostandards Newsletter (1987), 11: 197-198. ABSTRACTS

Joshi, S.R.
Determination of lead-210, radium-226, thorium-228 and uranium-238 in five CCRMP reference samples by gamma-ray spectrometry.
Geostandards Newsletter (1987), 11: 199-201. ABSTRACTS

Govindaraju, K.
1987 Compilation report on Ailsa Craig Granite AC-E with the participation of 128 GIT-IWG laboratories.
Geostandards Newsletter (1987), 11: 203-255. ABSTRACTS

Potts, P.J. and Holbrook, J.R.
Ailsa Craig - The history of a reference material.
Geostandards Newsletter (1987), 11: 257-260. SUMMARY

Roelandts, I.
GeostandaRef Corner. Geochemical reference sample bibliography for 1986.
Geostandards Newsletter (1987), 11: 261-278. SUMMARY

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