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Abbey, S.
Iron-formation samples and the five-mode method.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (2), 187-204. [ABSTRACTS]

Böhlke, J.K., Gwinn, C.J. and Coplen, T.B.
New reference materials for nitrogen-isotope-ratio measurements.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (1), 159-164. [ABSTRACTS]

Bower, N.W., Lewis, C.M., Galbraith, J.M. and Luedemann, G.
Elemental concentrations of Chinese rock standards GSR 1-6: a comparison with the certificate values.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (1), 117-121. [ABSTRACTS]

Bulnayev, A.I. and Vakhromeyev, G.S.
Instrumental neutron activation analysis of two new geochemical reference samples: bottom silt from lake Baikal, BIL-1 and brown coal ash, ZUK-1.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (2), 205-208. [ABSTRACTS]

Chattopadhyay, P.
Determination of phosphorous in fifty-nine geochemical reference samples by extractive spectrophotometry.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (2), 219-222. [ABSTRACTS]

Croudace, I.W. and Randle, K.
Fluorine abundances of twenty nine geological and other reference samples using fast-neutron activation analysis.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (2), 217-218. [ABSTRACTS]

Garbe-Schönberg, C.-D.
Simultaneous determination of thirty-seven trace elements in twenty-eight international rock standards by ICP-MS.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (1), 81-97. [ABSTRACTS]

Govindaraju, K.
GeoStan series: easy-to-consult computer databases of geostandards data compilations.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (1), 165-182. [SUMMARY]

Govindaraju, K. and Roelandts, I.
Second report (1993) on the first three GIT-IWG rock reference samples: Anorthosite from Greenland, AN-G; Basalte d'Essey-la-Côte, BE-N; Granite de Beauvoir, MA-N.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (2), 227-294. [ABSTRACTS]

Hallett, R.B. and Kyle, P.R.
XRF and INAA determinations of major and trace elements in Geological Survey of Japan igneous and sedimentary rock standards.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (1), 127-133. [ABSTRACTS]

Itoh, S., Terashima, S., Imai, N., Kamioka, H., Mita, N. and Ando, A.
1992 Compilation of analytical data for rare-earth elements, scandium, yttrium, zirconium and hafnium in twenty-six GSJ reference samples.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (1), 5-79. [ABSTRACTS]

Kane, J.S.
Reference materials for microprobe analysis and for isotopic studies: missing aspects of Geostandards Newsletter's reporting on geostandards.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (1), 99-103. [ABSTRACT]

Mannan, A., Waheed, S., Rahman, A., Ahmad, S. and Qureshi, I.H.
Multi-element analysis of coastal marine sediment, an IAEA proposed reference material (IAEA-356).
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (2), 223-226. [ABSTRACTS]

Poitrasson, F., Pin, C., Télouk, P. and Imbert, J.L.
Assessment of a simple method for the determination of Nb and Ta at the sub-µg/g level in silicate rocks by ICP-MS.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (2), 209-215. [ABSTRACTS]

Reay, A., Johnstone, R.D. and Kawachi, Y.
Anorthoclase, a second microprobe standard from Kakanui, New Zealand.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (1), 135-136. [ABSTRACTS]

Reddy, G.R. and Pant, D.R.
La, Ce, Sm, Eu, Tb, Yb and Lu content of fifteen French geochemical reference samples determined by neutron activation analysis.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (1), 113-116. [ABSTRACTS]

Ring, E.J.
The preparation and certification of fourteen South African silicate rocks for use as reference materials.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (1), 137-158. [ABSTRACTS]

Roelandts, I.
GeostandaRef Corner. Geochemical reference sample bibliography for 1992.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (2), 295-316. [SUMMARY]

Terashima, S.
Determination of total nitrogen and carbon in twenty-two sedimentary rock reference samples by combustion elemental analyzer.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (1), 123-125. [ABSTRACTS]

Terashima, S., Itoh, S., Ujiie, M., Kamioka, H., Tanaka, T. and Hattori, H.
Three new GSJ rock reference samples: Rhyolite JR-3, Gabbro JGb-2 and Hornblendite JH-1.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (1), 1-4. [ABSTRACTS]

Watkins, R.T. and Le Roex, A.P.
Rare earth element concentrations in USGS and CCRMP igneous rock standards determined by high performance ion chromatography.
Geostandards Newsletter (1993), 17 (1), 105-111. [ABSTRACTS]

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